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Emma Bryant

I think parenting is one of life’s greatest responsibilities and scariest. After all, how do you know if you’re getting it right or getting it wrong? Who tells you? How do you know what is the right decision for your child or the choices you should make for them?

It would be wonderful if God spoke in an audible voice everyday & told you what your kids strengths & weaknesses were, what School would be right for them, what their specific love language is so you can easily connect with them.

But, the truth is, He doesn’t!

I found as a young mum that I was often so worried about making the wrong decision - I would make no decision at all. I soon realised that that was allowing worry & fear to control me & I was in turn feeding that back into my kids. I knew that if I wanted to raise confident, courageous children then I was going to have to be a confident & courageous mum.

As I really leant in, God did begin to speak to me, through His word. I began to align my life with scriptures like Matthew 6;33 ‘Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.’ And Psalm 84;11 …… 'the lord will withhold no good thing from those who walk in integrity.’

I began to prioritise God & His word OVER my kids and when this became my normal flow of life I knew that when it came to leading & directing my family, I could confidently make a decision KNOWING that God would give me everything I would need in the choices that I had made.

Understanding the power and significance of hearing God’s voice made me realise the importance of helping my children do the same.

As parents we have the awesome job of not only raising our children but training them too.

We train them to wash their hands after the bathroom, train them how to use a knife & fork correctly, teach them manners that they will naturally use as they get older, without the prompting of you (hopefully!). We also need to teach them HOW to hear Gods voice & know His leading for themselves so that this too becomes their natural wiring.

I believe you can never know Gods voice until you first get to know Gods character.

I know my husband very well, i know his personality, what He likes, what displeases him, how he’s emotionally wired….. I know all about him. Therefore if someone were to come to me & say “Luke said…..’ I could instantly make an accurate judgement as to whether Luke had said that or not BECAUSE I KNOW HIM.

I have found the best thing for my children was to teach them what the bible had to say about the character of God, we would talk about what pleased Him. We would make mention of behaviour that God didn’t condone & if we where unsure we would find out through reading the bible.

My boys are all teenagers now (the youngest is 12 so almost there!) and I can honestly say they are confident & courageous young men who at this moment in time are making wise smart choices for themselves BECAUSE they know the nature of God and they are tuned into the voice of God when He’s directing their lives.

Emma Bryant. x




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