I’m A Mum Get Me Out Of Here !

Have you little people in your life & do you find some days you are at the end of your rope? Do you regularly worry you might lose your voice because you shouted so loud? Have you lost count of the number of times you had to say the same thing and it’s driving you crazy???!!!

There is HOPE!! I can honestly say, looking back over my years of being a Mum, there have been more times I stayed the ‘Calm Mum’ than the ‘I lost it Mum’.

Here are my go to: "I’m a Mum get me outta here!" techniques…


During a meltdown (yours or theirs) don’t be afraid mid way to CHANGE your behaviour & approach. Explain to your children how this isn’t going to plan, ask them to forgive you and move on. You can even make a joke of it; So what, YOU got it wrong, mum’s need Jesus too and guess what you probably will again!!


Put yourself in ‘time out’ and do what it takes to build stability in your home. Make sure the kids are somewhere safe first. I favour the downstairs loo, that way I can still appear like a flash if needed, but I can give myself a pep talk or cry in the mirror.


Peace-Keeping and Peace-Making are two different things, commit to Peace-Making. Try not to fall into the ‘anything for an easy life’ zone; you know it;

‘cry’ – here have a dummy, ‘cry’ – here have a sweetie, ‘cry’ – here have my purse, ‘cry’ – [insert own giveaway]. Try to resolve, not just win.


It always helps. Before you get mad, decide not be a name caller and insult hurler. There’s just some words I believe should be banned from the family house, especially the “you little ….” words; it’s hurtful and not needed. Stupid, idiot and other ‘labels’ are labels that no child needs to grow up with.


Forgive them quick. As quickly as they move on, you should move on. Try not to take it too personally. How many times have you watched them show you how the world is literally coming to an end and you are their only hope (not even Obi Wan will do)? And the next minute a friend knocks at the door and it’s like they have stepped into a new dimension. So they had a bad 5 mins- don’t make them pay all day.


There are some days you’ve just got to bundle everyone in the car and find a friend to hang out with, in the park, or a mutually agreed ‘safe for children’ venue.

Most of all remember these words. “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands”

Proverbs 14:01 Tomorrow is a new day and everything looks better after a cup of tea, sleep and good food! Keep going Mama, you’ve got this!

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