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Happy Mothers Day

Updated: Nov 4, 2017

Her children arise and call her blessed Proverbs 31:28

Every year on Father’s Day, the mums in a church arrive early and put on a big breakfast spread. No expense is spared on this: fresh coffee, bacon and egg breakfast and before church begins the men are lavished in love.

Every year on Mothers’ Day, the mums in the same church arrive early and make themselves a breakfast of fresh fruit, yoghurts and pastries with a warm cup of tea, and before church begins the women lavish each other in love. It is not intentionally unequal, the women are not unloved or ill thought of - in fact the church is quite pleased these mums have had a nice breakfast.

The truth is, mums are hard-wired to nurture. They will nurture their children, their husbands, they will even nurture each other with pastries on Mothering Sunday. In Proverbs 38 we hear a description of a worthy woman, who rises before her family, maintains the home, speaks with wisdom and love, she even manages her own business.

The proverb is not setting a standard for women to attain, but praises the contribution that mothers bring to their families. Creating a positive environment in the home, in church, in the community is often a natural extension of how mums love their children. A mother’s tireless resilience is rarely born from a love of hard work, but rather a passion to create a better tomorrow for their children, their grandchildren and the generations that follow. The proverb closes with an exaltation, “let her works bring her praise at the city gate”. The gate was the place in the city where judgements were passed and business performed. This was no longer a whispered praise from her husband and children, but a bold public praise that honours the impact that the mother has on the whole city.

As so many churches and communities are blessed by the nurturing heart of a mum, why not use today to “outdo one another in showing honour” Romans 12:10 and find a mother to lavish in love.

Have a Great Mothers Days Ladies, You Deserve It! ..xx

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