• Marina Magdalena

Can I be honest?

So here we are, 12 weeks in to releasing our second season of the Mum Show, and the question crossed my mind - why do we do it?  Yes, for one week I get to trade wellies and pony tails for a make-up artist and ironed clothes, and yes there is the sheer pleasure of uninterrupted grown up chat, and absolutely, permission to rant with your besties over a cuppa is delightful - but believe it or not, that’s not it! I LOVE being a Mum.  In fact I remember day dreaming one day in the middle of CBeebies bed time hour, trying to figure out my dream job - and realising that two babies snuggled into my lap, freshly bubble bathed and ready for bed pretty much summed up the end to a perfect day.  But parenting isn’t always like that - and somehow whilst becoming a mum increased my capacity to love in a way I had never experienced before, it also increased my capacity to worry, to fail, to stress out, to get things wrong and to take things personally.  My first few years of motherhood was living abroad with my hubby, away from my sisters and Mum and those friends I would usually go to for advice. I would sometimes see other Mum's chat for hours in cafes with their friends and pine for a buddy that would help me figure a way through this new experience and “get” where I was coming from.  And somewhere amongst those good days and bad days, I began to realise that Mum solidarity was a precious gift, and that if I could find it, I would share it out!  So, in a bid to make every Mum’s day that little bit brighter, here are 10 reasons why I think we need the Mum Show.

1. Being mum in 2019 is different to parenting any previous generations. We should talk about that.

2. There is no greater parent than God, he literally gives us the best parenting tips in the WORLD, and the mum show helps us explore that.

3. We talk to a therapist now so your kids don’t have to in 15 years time 😉😆

4. My husband buying sound cancelling headphones is proof that women can out-talk anyone when it comes to their children, the Mum Show provides space to do that. 

5. The number of alcohol dependent parents is rising, the number of children with a mental illness in increasing - life is hard, and the Mum Show offers support to those who find it tough.

6. Sometimes I think I’m getting it all wrong, the mum show offers Grace to mums who need a virtual hug and hope for their families.

7. We know babies don’t come with a “how to” book and sometimes gathered wisdom can save a whole lot of time (and money!)…we want to help you with that.

8. When women gather to think creatively about raising our kids for royalty- we don’t just embrace Gods destiny for our families, but for whole generations.

9. It’s fun.

10. The world is changing but God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His wisdom is unending and love all consuming. He is the hands that hold us, the grace that saves us and the truth that restores us. He is the foundation, the source, the creator and sustainer and he promises to hold all things together. Jesus LOVES family, and the mum show talks about that too.

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