The heart beat of Promise Legacy is to create life-giving resources that will empower you on your journey into spiritual, emotional and mental wholeness.  For you mamas out there, why not come and join us on the "Mum Show"  as we look at how parenting in promise can transform our  Just Surviving  to  Alive & Thriving?  Or parents, why not take a dive into my book, "Child of Promise"  and discover how your family and child can flourish together in the unique identity God has given you. Coming up on the horizon, we have "Promised Minds"  to nurture today's church into mental and emotional wholeness in Christ.  And in the meantime, we have video uploads and blogs for you to enjoy weekly.  So please, take a look around, my house is your house - and drop us an email, we would love to hear from you!

Be Blessed!

         Marina Magdalena  xx

                        PROMISE LEGACY


Welcome to Promise Legacy!  Do you know that you have been purposefully and lovingly created by a present and living God?  Do you know that the same God, who flung stars into space and formed the foundations of the earth, loves you with a restless love? 

At those moments when you feel alone, unlovable, hopeless and despairing, there is an awesome, powerful God, who is on your side.  He is all for you!  He has your name carved on his heart, your fingerprints taken from his own, you fill every corner of his mind.  No matter what you have done or experienced, "Nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable - absolutely nothing" can change the Father's heart for you!  Breathtaking!  In fact, it changes EVERYTHING!  The revelation of Jesus  brings an inheritance of promise  that takes us from paupers to royalty, from lost to saved, from death to life; in all its fullness!  We do not need to be slaves to  the modern media dialogue that perpetuates discontentment, or overwhelmed by despair, or fearful for our futures.  We are Children of Promise, born to reign in heaven with the Father who made us, the Son who saves us and the Spirit who transforms us.

Our Heart

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Marina lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and co-adventurer Dominic and their two children Lilia and Reuben.


Marina has a passion to creatively communicate God’s unwavering, life-giving love for his children and  is the writer/director behind “The Mum Show” and the up and coming “Story Meadow” children’s television series.

Marina is the co-founder of “Imaginarium Seed”, along with her husband Dominic, and has spent years working alongside children and adults, using drama, story telling and imagination, to improve emotional and mental health and communicate God’s love.  As a response to Imaginarium’s work surrounding mental health, Marina established Promise Legacy to empower and equip God’s people to live in the free and wide open space God has given them.


Mission Statement